TV Sponsorship

TV Sponsorship allows your business to become synonymous with a particular channel or programme, having a strong impact on its fanbase and making your brand truly memorable to viewers. Ranging from a simple on-air association with a single programme to a long-term, fully-integrated partnership including branded televised events, content, promos and more.

TV sponsorship enables you to target your campaign to a specific audience and gain new custom. By positioning your ads within the right context, our TV sponsorship advertising campaigns can provide your business with broader public recognition by ensuring that you receive maximum viewer attention.


  • TV sponsorship campaigns build a relationship between viewers of popular programmes and your business, making your brand instantly more recognisable.
  • Advertising as the sponsor of a show or channel creates a subconscious association of product and programme for viewers, meaning that your business or brand is one that they will remember.
  • Popular programmes and stations have high viewing figures, and TV sponsorship is a fantastic way of ensuring high coverage of your campaign whether your ads are before, after or during a show.
  • Pre-show sponsorship acts as a cue that lets people know that their favourite show is about to start, creating a positive association between product and programme for viewers.

Launch a campaign with TV Advertising Media today and see your business become the sponsor of a particular television show, daypart, genre or full channel. TV sponsorship is an effective way of ensuring that your brand is well-remembered as it becomes associated with a popular programme or station.

To advertise your brand through TV sponsorship, call TV Advertising Media today or complete our online enquiry form.


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