Product Placement Advertising

Product placement, or embedded marketing, is an increasingly popular way for companies to showcase their brand identity or latest products during a television show or movie. This form of advertising is a great way to raise brand awareness amongst viewers, and will often demonstrate your product in action or being consumed.

Your products can be contextually positioned in a way that allows your advertisement to have a presence without directly associating itself with television commercials. This has a number of benefits, namely that the viewer is actively attentive whilst watching a programme.

The most seamless and realistic placements are the most effective, and a viewer’s interest in their favourite show or character can lead to a positive association being formed between product and programme.

  • Research has shown that around 28% of UK consumers’ opinions of brands improve after seeing a product placed in a show.
  • Advertising spots or TV sponsorship campaigns that run with product placement ads see both brand awareness and purchasing intent double.
  • Arguably one of the most famous and earliest examples of product placement is from the classic movie E.T – American candy company Hershey’s saw sales of their ‘Reese’s Pieces’ snacks increase by 80% after they were featured in the film.
  • Research from ITV found that 98% of viewers said product placement made either no difference to their enjoyment of a programme or enhanced their viewing experience.
  • This means that viewers actively enjoy product placements, with the lack of disruption to the viewing experience being an important quality.


  • Communication – Product placement can help to normalise a brand as it is seen, used and understood in a natural context.
  • Awareness – It can create a positive association between programme and product for the viewer, which in turn leads to improved brand awareness and an increase in sales.
  • Impact – Couple your product placement advertising campaign with a television commercial or TV sponsorship campaign to make an even greater impact on the viewer.

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