Tracking & Optimisation

Our in-house system allows us to track and optimise TV campaigns in order to find out exactly what works for a client. This could be Sales House, Channel or Programme selection, or could be based on Day of The Week, Time Of Day, Length of TV Creative etc.

By utilising the various audience research data pre-campaign, it’s relatively simple to identify where our target audiences are and then strategically plan how we are going to reach them…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the campaign is going to be successful.

Using an attribution, spot-for-spot, TV tracking system gives us amazing insight into the performance of response-driven campaigns. This insight, however, is only amazing if our team understand it, can identify trends, opportunities, underperformance and – most importantly – what steps to take to increase efficiency. On a basic level, we look at individual spot cost versus the resulting fluctuation in the same window of attribution, as we analyse this in more detail we identify opportunities to upweight, downweight, cut channels etc. based on :

  • Day
  • Daypart
  • Individual show
  • Genre
  • Ad position
  • Channel
  • Creative

When recommending campaign optimisations, we also consider the long term effects of any ad spend – it would be short-sighted to abandon the principles of the longer term effects, purely based on immediate attribution. On this, our recommendations will not always be “Quick, we need to pull spots in The Only Way is Essex, they’re delivering half what they did last week!”

Our initial strategy – that strikes a balance between existing customer/new customer campaign weighting and whole market/tight targeting delivery – will be maintained.

The attributed short term effect must be balanced with in-depth long term evaluation.

This is only the beginning of this process though, because it should never be taken for granted that a channel, genre, show etc. will consistently deliver results. For example, audience fatigue can turn even the most cost effective segments into the least effective in a very short space of time unless this data is being scrutinised by a skilled team, who have absolute agility with media owners.

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