Script to Screen in 2 weeks

Be part of the sudden exponential growth in TV viewing figures with TVAM’s  “script to screen” package, offering a comprehensive TV airtime package on ITV, C4 and SKY with free creative and campaigns measurement for £45,000.

TV viewing figures are increasing up to 300% , with typically difficult to reach ABC adults increasing  by 42%, providing advertisers with potentially once in a lifetime unique opportunity to reach bored, converting audiences.

Brands who’ve typically been active in OOH and press will have seen significant customer drop offs and heavy digital spenders will have seen PPC costs increase significantly as more brands take a quick and easy route to market with google and social media ads. TVAM can help brands avoid this hustle and over populated marketplace through our  clear,  simple and cost effective approach.

What is included in our Script to screen in 2 service: 

  • Free planning and strategy consultation from experienced TV planners and traders with over 30 years TV buying experience
  • Full creative service from initial brief to finished content from our own award winning broadcast creative team
  • Ads created for wider use included social media videos
  • High impact, high frequency campaign with Commercials aired on the UK’s largest channels including ITV, Sky News, Channel 4, Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports (pending return of live sports)
  • Full Campaign measurement, watching individual spots for traffic increase and conversions with the view to optimise schedules going forward
  • Full campaign debrief and report on effectiveness and future improvements

Why TV advertising right now?

  • Ability to reach the entire population during this unprecedented lockdown, in high volumes, fast
  • Build brand stature by featuring in highly trusted, iconic programmes and channels
  • Avoid the noise and clutter of negativity of social media ads   – avoiding smaller competitors vying for market share
  • Significantly improve website traffic and conversions from morning to night

I thought TV was out of my reach – why is it this cheap? 

  • TV in itself isn’t cheap or expensive it’s quite balanced against the media market in terms of cost per thousand however with significant increase in viewers due to the covid 19 lockdown some stations are yet to charge for the over indexing viewers and so remain on pre covid rates on the whole
  • TVAM want to use this time to bring more brands onto tv to discover its unmatched brand building and traffic driving capabilities in the hope of maintaining such growth for clients once pandemic is more muted
  • TV for so long has suffered from lines such as “nobody watches tv anymore” , “the young only watch Netflix” and “digital is the way forward” all myths debunked by latest tv figures

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