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NHS Nottingham City Raise Awareness of Bowel Cancer Screening with TV Advertising Media

NHS Nottingham City is raising awareness of bowel cancer screening through a televised ad campaign, launched by TV Advertising Media.

The 30 second adverts will be played out via Sky AdSmart  in the Nottingham and Derby areas  for 12 weeks, commencing February 17th.

The animated advert highlights the importance and ease of completing a bowel cancer screening kit at home, with a musical soundtrack and colourful information creating an engaging, informative and accessible watch. Use of typography emphasis important statistics, highlighting that the ‘risk of bowel cancer is higher in over 60s’, whilst reassuring viewers that ‘there’s a 90% chance of successfully treating bowel cancer if it’s detected early.

The sequence explains how the test can be completed, ending with telephone and website contact information.

CEO of TV Advertising Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

Such an important issue needs to successfully reach and impact its target audience. Broadcasting this campaign across a targeted area means that NHS Nottingham City can really harness the power of TV advertising.”